Dan Steppe

Mr. Dan Steppe holds a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Pratt Institute in New York as well as a MBA Degree in Finance and Economics from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Early in his career he founded an oil and gas trading company, Vision Petroleum where he served as CEO until it was sold in 1995

Seeing the need for a company to do finance leasing of heavy duty industrial equipment he co-founded Monarch Ltd where he served as President and CEO.

Mr. Steppe was also one of the co-founders of Southwest Bank of Texas/Amegy Bank which is publicly traded and  currently holds over 14 billion dollars in assets.

Mr. Steppe founded Public Service Marine, Inc. in 1979 and served as its CEO and Chairman until 2001 when the company was acquired. Mr. Steppe designed, built, and patented two processes, which allowed the loading and unloading of petroleum products into marine vessels off the California coast while meeting incredibly strict environmental regulations and standards by the EPA. Based on that patented vapor recovery technology, the JOVALON vessel became the only one of its kind in the world which still exists in that same capacity today.

Since then, Mr. Steppe has continued with his entrepreneurial passion starting several businesses as well as becoming a major investor in many startups. These investments include real estate, oil and gas, medical devices, SaaS and pharmaceutical companies. Once of his personal career highlights was in August 2004, Mr. Steppe accepted the Directorship for the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the University of Houston’s Bauer School of Business. By 2008, the Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship was ranked #1 in the Nation by the prestigious Princeton review and currently still holds a top 3 ranking nationally.

Dan has always been a believer in giving back to the community and demonstrates this with his tireless involvement and fundraising for charities, especially Casa de Esperanza’s, residential homes for abused and neglected children.

His work with this charity spans over 35 years.

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