About Us

The GOOSE Society has a proven track record, diverse expertise and an extensive network that reaches both coasts.

The GOOSE Society of Texas was established in 2005 by Jack Gill, a legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and Rod Canion, the founder and CEO of Compaq computers.  GOOSE is now comprised of twenty one members including five MBAs, one MD, four PhDs, and one JD. GOOSE has invested over $30 million in startups with four exits of 5-10x and has 16 current investments.  The net worth of GOOSE membership in aggregate is in the billions (private info, unannounced) and the membership criteria is limited to professionals who have founded or ran major, successful enterprises, and who are willing to mentor new startups.

Approximately half of GOOSE’s investments come from the Rice Business Plan Competition (RBPC)—the world’s largest and richest student business plan competition.  RBPC is very important to GOOSE’s mission of supporting entrepreneurship.  Every year since 2005, GOOSE has awarded the grand prize.  The GOOSE investment prize, awarded to the first-place team, is now $300,000 and with the option to increase substantially, GOOSE then invites the winning team to present to the entire group for the chance a larger investment.

Friends of GOOSE

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