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GOOSE Portfolio Company Saranas Heads to Clinical Trials

Saranas Inc, a GOOSE portfolio company and Houston-based medical device startup, recently closed a round of $2.8 million to kick off clinical trails for their Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System. This round brings their total funding to $12 million.

Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System, invented by Dr. Mehdi Razavi at the Texas Heart Institute, is meant to detect bleeding complications during procedures.  The company anticipates FDA approval in early 2019.

In 2017, Saranas was named a finalist for the International Cardiovascular Innovation Award:  one of the most prestigious awards for medical startups worldwide.

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Dr. Phillippe Géneréux (CMO), Kevin Maples (Board Director), and Zaffer Syed (CEO) at the International Conference for Innovations in Isreal.

Larry Lawson, GOOSE board member, and Kevin Maples, a close friend of GOOSE and son-in-law of GOOSE member Dan Steppe, sit on the Board of Directors for Saranas.

A big thank you to Houston Innovation Map and Business Wire for covering Saranas in full detail and the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute for the support offered to Saranas and countless other healthcare startups.

GOOSE Portfolio Co NuMat Receives $9M contract with US Army

NuMat Technologies received a $9 million contract from the US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command Chemical and Biological Center (RDECOM C&B).  The contract is to develop and manufacture the next-generation materials that will protect and sustain the warfighter.

NuMat is the first company in the world to commercialize MOF’s (metal organic frameworks), applying them first in the electronics and speciality gas sectors, but with potential applications in life sciences, energy and industrial sectors.  With the new funding, NuMat will build the world’s first dedicated, commercial-scale manufacturing site for MOF’s and a state-of-the-art application development lab for next-generation filtration and purification technologies.

NuMat Technologies a U.S. based tech company innovating at the intersection of high-performance computing, chemistry, and engineered systems.  NuMat’s technology is from Northwestern University and the team won the 2012 Rice Business Plan CompetitionJay Collins, GOOSE President, is on their Board of Directors.

GOOSE Portfolio Company SiNode Enters $4.5M Joint Venture

SiNode Systems, a Chicago-based developer of advanced materials out of Northwestern, and JNC Corporation, a Tokyo-based speciality chemical manufacturer, announced the formation of NanoGraf Corporation, a joint venture focused on commercializing materials for the Lithium-ion battery industry.  NanoGraf Corporation launches with $4.5 million and plans to expand commercial production and continue the development of additional materials platforms.

NanoGraf’s technology enhances the performance of battery materials via a proprietary graphene-wrapped silicon anode and can improve battery energy density by 50%.

Ashok Rao, Board Member of both SiNode and the GOOSE Society, was an integral part of the negotiations.  GOOSE invested in SiNode Systems after the company won the grand prize at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston, TX.

See NanoGraf’s media page for the full press release.



GOOSE Portfolio Company Fluidity Officially Launches

GOOSE Portfolio Company and Houston based start-up, Fluidity, officially launched last week right in time for the Holiday season!

Fluidity is revolutionizing drone control and their first product is the FT Aviator:  a game-changing drone controller designed by former NASA astronaut, Scott Parazynski and a team of Rice MBA’s. The controller is an intuitive, single-handed design that eliminates the complexity of dual thumb controllers, has advanced camera controls for high-quality photo and video capture, and is compatible with most DJI drones.

Fluidity was also named as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.  You can be one of the first to order the FT Aviator on Kickstarter and save $224 off of the expected retail price of $449.

See xconomy’s write up on Fluidity here.

DoE Cleantech Competition

The Department of Energy’s National Business Competition

The U.S. Energy Department’s (DOE’s) Cleantech University Prize (Cleantech UP) looks to inspire and equip young clean energy entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with competitive funding for business development and other opportunities.

In the previous week, The Energy Department held its Cleantech UP, at a national business competition on June 27-28, 2018 at Rice University within the Jones Graduate School of Business. Twenty-Three teams came together to compete for the 1st place, grand prize of $50,000.

The competition was divided into two separate days, the 1st was a pre-judging practice round. This round is designed to give the teams a chance to test their presentation skills and business models in front of real judges without points deducted for mistakes. During this round, judges are allowed to give feedback meant to help the teams better preform for day two. On the 2nd day the competition is real, and the teams are expected to hit the ground running. This rigorous round took the entirety of the day, stressed teams, but ultimately provided a winner.

There were five GOOSE Society of Texas members there representing GOOSE as judges, mentors, and observers.

The top six finalists where NUMIX, ETC Solar LLC, SurgePower Materials, PolarPanel, Hearth Labs, and CarbonSul.  ETC Solar LLC took the grand prize and 1st place.

ETC Solar
ETC Solar accepting the Grand Prize

ETC Solar LLC, a Los Angeles, California based is a spin off from the California Institute of Technology, developing manufacturing equipment for solar cell manufacturers. Thereby the efficiency of its solar cells are increased by 5%.

Thomas Russell (CEO & Co-founder) and Michael Kelzenberg (Head R&D Team) were there to represent the company. Prior to the 1st place announcement, Thomas and Michael where interviewed. Thomas, when asked about his concerns coming into the competition said, “Basically the biggest fear is there being one judge experienced in ETC Solar’s field asking the tough question(s) that potentially make the business model look weak, but as a start-up we don’t know all the answers.” Furthermore, Thomas was asked what the team expected out of this competition, he replied, “There are so many judges, it is a great test from outsiders to be able to see if they understand and get the story ETC Solar is telling.” Thomas added “This is an opportunity to meet friendly investors to go home on and this gives a boost of confidence. Exposure to all judges is great!”

GOOSE would like to congratulate ETC Solar and their team on the successful win and all other regional competitors in this year’s competition!

Special thanks to GOOSE Analyst, Blake George, for writing this post.

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